• Is the lack of sensitivity to different communication styles affecting your interpersonal relationships?
  • Are your non-verbal communications overpowering your verbal messages?
  • Are the communication patterns in your teams creating more tension than trust?
  • Do you worry about stating your reasons and refusal without ruining your work relationships?
  • Do you wish, you knew what to say to start a conversation?
  • Wanting to create stronger, more authentic relationships?
  • Do you communicate more directly and clearly?
  • Are you confidence to ask for a raise?
  • Are you confident to stand up to someone?
  • Wish you were a better at networking?
  • Find yourself running out of things to say?

If the above questions ring a bell with you indicating the need for better command over communication, then this set of courses is for you.

Set of nine courses that address different type and levels of communication issues and enhance your skills to have more communication prowess.

80% of problems in organizations are due poor, ineffective communications or no communication at all. While we all know we must communicate effectively to our customers, peers, and subordinates effectively we need to be constantly reminded and refreshed to the fact that we need to build consistent habits to communicate effectively. During this interactive program, participants will learn the secrets of those who have reaped tremendous benefits in personal and professional success by applying these principles of effective communication. In What’s the message program one will learn how to build personal credibility, deliver positive and negative feedback, improve listening skills, make small talk, rephrase for better relationships, deal with difficult people, handle negative situations, and more. Skills exercises are interactive, allowing participants to practice what they have learned in a relaxed environment.

Whether it’s in the board room, with your family, at a party or when a business interest walks in the room, having the ability to start and lead a quality conversation can be the deciding factor between success and failure. More specifically, if you have the ability to differentiate yourself by creating a genuine and authentic connection, something this course teaches in detail, then you can truly position yourself for success. Furthermore, you will have mastered the fundamental and technical conversation skills that underlay every conversation whether it be personal or business oriented. Last but not least, this course will guide you through a number of real world exercises designed to make the lessons and learning in this courses automatic, easy and unconscious.

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders
  • Executives
  • High-potential managers on track for a leadership career
  • Team members


  • Communication Impact

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • Leadership Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Impromptu Presentation

  • Advanced Presentation Skills

  • Influencing and Persuasion Skills

  • Assertiveness Communication Skills

  • Moderation and Facilitation Skills