• Does your team’s performance dip in high pressure situations?
  • Are you having constant angry outbursts during your personal or professional interactions?
  • Are you aware of the connect between your emotions and actions?
  • Doyour teams lack cooperation and a team identify?
  • Are most of your meetings disruptive, ending in arguments because there is no effective dialogue?
  • Do your employees lack motivation?
  • Are you looking for ways to take your organisation’s leadership to the next level?

A workshop in Emotional Intelligence is what will help you understand the cause of these problems and provide you will the techniques to manage them!

Set of five courses help you in assessing your emotional literacy and provide mastery over managing emotions (yours and others) and help in objective decision making.

The term Emotional Intelligence has gained a lot of popularity and momentum from the time it was coined by Daniel Goleman in the 90’s.Business personals who have understood its value have successfully applied the emotional intelligence skills to maximise their effectiveness and developed high performing teams, thus taking their organisation to scaling heights.

An emotionally Intelligence individual is not only can  identify, leverage, understand and managing emotions in self and others; but is also  better at decision making, interpersonal relations, influencing resilience and leadership than his / her unskilled counterpart.

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders
  • Executives
  • High-potential managers on track for a leadership career
  • Team members
  • Anyone who wants a strong grounding in practising emotional intelligence to lead themselves and others to success.


  • Emotional Mastery

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

  • Emotional Intelligence for Teams

  • EI Assessment and coaching

  • Conflict Management