• Is there a lack of effective leadership initiatives in your organisation?
  • Are your managers failing to develop and lead high functioning teams?
  • Are new managers unable to cope with their leadership roles?
  • Do you thinking leadership is the job for the top management?
  • Do your management teams feel overwhelmed with the new opportunities provided to them?
  • Are your managers over worked and failing to focus on their own personal and professional development and that of their team members?
  • Are you having trouble managing both up and down the organisational hierarchy?
  • Is the lack of leadership increasing the attrition rate in your organisation?
  • Are you struggling to mentor and coach your teams?

The courses in this series are designed for all levels of leadership, starting from the mangers the organisation sees potential in to develop for leadership roles to the top leadership teams. These workshops focus on leadership aspects and roles that are pertaining to the position and responsibilities the designation garners.

These workshops will help develop leadership at every level in the organisation pertaining to the responsibilities shouldered.

Many people hold the word “Leadership” as being synonyms with the “top management” or the “leadership team”.

Organisations face challenges of various kind while development their management. One is to identify and develop individuals with leadership potential. Then there is the challenge of chiselling the potential leaders to learn the craft of leadership.

The middle management, who constantly find themselves sandwiched between the top management and the ground reality face their distinctive set of leadership challenges and are constantly striving to adequately managing both “up” and “down” the hierarchy.

As for the top management, they constantly seem to tackle issues of managing, mobilizing, understanding and leading change, while also trying to mentor and coach others.

Who should attend?

  • Business Leadership
  • Department Heads
  • Mid Management
  • Team Leaders
  • Operations Management
  • Executives
  • High-potential managers on track for a leadership career


  • First Time Manager

  • Leadership Effectiveness Program

    For Middle Managers

  • Leadership Enhancement Program

    For Senior Leaders